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Service is Essential to Vehicle Longevity


It's no secret that drivers whose vehicles last a long time are not just driving reliable vehicles, but are also keeping service up to date. Here at Theodore Robins Ford, our service team is here to help you with a full complement of auto repair and services, all of which are going to give you added satisfaction every time you drive.


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Ford's Latest Offering? A Good Night's Sleep

Getting a newborn to finally go to sleep can be almost impossible. Ask any parent with a newborn baby. You may have to ask them a few times, though, since they'll likely be so tired that the words don't really register at first. Often times the only way to get a baby to sleep is to take him or her for a drive around the block a few times. Of course, going on a drive every bedtime is hardly convenient, and driving while sleep deprived can be dangerous. What's a new parent to do? Thanks to Ford…

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Catch a Glimpse of the New Ford GT at Theodore Robins Ford

There's been quite a lot of chatter about the Ford GT as of late. Though, it's really no wonder as to why. Equipped with a remarkably powerful V6 engine and boasting quite a stunning exterior, the new Ford GT is sure to amaze when it makes its much anticipated showroom debut. To catch a glimpse of this all-new super car, we encourage you to check out the video below:

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Shopping for a New Pickup in Irvine? Stop by Our Showroom to Check Out the 2016 Ford F-Series Lineup

When you think of the pickup segment, which truck comes to mind? While our team members may be biased, we always picture trucks from the Ford F-Series lineup. As brawny as they are versatile, each of these new Ford pickups are what's put the F-Series lineup at the top of its game for 39 years. To learn more, read on below:

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