Bad Credit Car Loans with Theodore Robins Ford

f you belong to the beautiful Costa MesaCalifornia area and are looking for a liable dealership to help you finance or lease your new car or a used car, then be sure to visit Theodore Robins Ford Auto Dealership.

Especially if you are someone who is struggling with a bad credit score and looking to get a preapproval for your car loan, we definitely have a solution for you. Though it may seem impossible to finance or lease your new car with a bad credit score, still the good news is that at Theodore Robins Ford, there is no minimum credit score required, to get approved for a car loan.

How to get a car loan at Theodore Robins Ford?

Theodore Robins Ford makes it super easy for you to obtain affordable financing and leasing options with flexible terms and conditions, whenever you wish to purchase a new car or a used car. We are partnered with the most dependable and noteworthy financial institutions and auto loan financing companies from all over the United States of America, who accept poor credit scores.

Theodore Robins Ford being established in 1921 brings about a dynamic range of auto industry knowledge and its related financial options for buying a car, we will help you choose the right car that matches your budget. Whether you are searching for a Ford F-150 PickUp truck or the heavy duty Ford F-250, a sports moodel Ford Mustang, or the Ford Bronco 2 Door SUV on sale from our inventory, we have the easiest car financing solutions available especially for you. A type of solution that will best fit your budget criteria and lifestyle, regardless of your bad credit score.

How to fix my bad credit score at Theodore Robin Ford?

In America, bad credit scores are usually due to a lack of general understanding of various credit options available out there. On average people with bad credit scores, are most of the time not armed with the “right information” they need to improve their credit score. Especially when it comes to car loans, most people with poor credit don’t even take the time to research properly through their options, and many times they don’t even know how to “compare their financial options”.  This way some people just get caught in a “bad credit cycle”, which keeps them away from their dream car of choice. It is also important to note that car loans can be a great way to significantly increase your credit scoreCar loans approved under the most transparent conditions can significantly improve your credit score, thereby boosting your overall creditworthiness. Especially when you are equipped with timely advice from our service agents, you can be someone who is enjoying the perks of a “good credit score”, and subsequent low-interest rate on monthly payments.

At Theodore Robins Ford, we acknowledge with a passion the very need to own a car of your own, and how serious of an investment it is. And to safe keep this very aspect of car buying, we, therefore, bring in a trustworthy team of financial experts, who will help you choose the right option that best fits your current financial situation! Our financial experts will help you analyze the financing options available especially as per your credit score and help you decide upon the payment criteria for the car you wish to own.

As mentioned before, we are armed with over several years of automotive industry knowledge, our financial experts will bring in the right blend of expertise and code of business ethics, that helps you remain in the safe spot while you are getting approval for a car loan.  Our financial experts will arm you with the right information before you apply for that car loan. They will also help you with payment calculators, and credit score calculations to keep you informed and ready. They will help you decide your monthly payment plan, so you don’t go under the ground in the long run.

We know that a bad credit score is not the end of it all, and one may feel limited to choose. But here at Theodore Robins Ford, we are not going to let a 3-digit number get in the way of you choosing the car you want. Being partnered with one of the auto industry leaders like Ford Motors, we will certainly be able to chalk out more car financing options than one even with your bad credit score. We have cordial business relations with several trusted lending institutions, that work with people with bad credit scores or sub-prime borrowers. And being in coordination with our financial experts, we will be able to present you with the power of choice, that many other auto dealerships don’t offer. We will help you pick the one with the most favorable terms and conditions. The type of conditions that won’t burn a hole through your wallet.

We understand that every car buyer comes from a different background and income group. Our financial experts will help you outline the most convenient options as per your income and properly assist you in making payment plans that can consequently help you with your overall credit score.

Our agents and representatives are present round the clock. You can call us at (949) 642-0010 and speak to our representatives today, to apprise you of any car financing or leasing options available with our dealership. Or just simply visit our website to chat with our service professionals who can help you with our “free online appraisal tool”. They can also help you provide an estimate on the value of any trade-ins that you may have. You can also take out time to visit us at our dealership situated at 2060 Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 and speak in detail with our financial experts to get first-hand knowledge of the options you have at your disposal for car financing and leasing. Whether it’s a new SUV or a truck that you have been dreaming about, we will make that happen for you, all under one roof!