Let’s Dive Into The World Of Pre-Owned Car And Bust Common Myths

Between private-party and dealership sales, approximately 40 million used cars are traded annually. Additionally, a car will typically have a number of owners over its lifetime. This indicates that many people opt to purchase pre-owned vehicles. Because their prices are lower than those of brand-new models, used vehicles are popular. Buying a used car can also avoid the most significant depreciation, which occurs within the first two to three years.

However, with the popularity, used vehicles have also many misconceptions and these are stopping many people from buying a pre-owned car when they are unable to afford a new one.

What Are The Misconceptions That Misleads The Buyers?

However, due to misconceptions about used cars, a portion of the market is not taking advantage of these benefits. In this blog, we will dispel some of these myths. Let’s take a look at them.

MYTH No.1: Pre-owned Cars Have Constant Technical issues

Most people believe people sell their used cars because of recurring mechanical issues. It is entirely a misconception. Due to financial considerations, some people will trade cars when upgrading or downgrading.

In addition, you can take a mechanic along to inspect the vehicle before purchasing it. Utilizing the vehicle identification number (VIN), investigate the vehicle’s service history and report. It will boost your confidence when you buy something.

MYTH No.2: Used Cars Are Costly To Maintain

Many think that even though buying a used car is less expensive than buying a new one, it costs more, in the long run, to keep it in good condition. The reality is far from this perception. Maintenance costs shouldn’t be too high if you do a proper inspection before buying the vehicle.

Regularly check the oil and top it off on time. Check the brakes and cooling system frequently, replace the air filter after 12,000 miles, and make sure you take it to a service center once in a while. You won’t have to spend a lot on repairs if you follow these suggestions to extend the life of your car.

MYTH No.3: They Are Unsafe

One of the most common misconceptions is that used cars are unsafe. The manufacturer’s safety features will be present in a used car. You shall not be concerned as long as you purchase your vehicle from a reputable and authorized dealership. They will not remove any parts. It would be best if you look into the model’s safety features to ensure it gives you the protection you need.

While many used car dealers will honor manufacturer warranties of many years or a high number of miles, not all sellers will honor an original warranty. Before you buy a car, you should look into recalls and get a report on the car’s history. You can also usually get a report on the car’s health from a professional mechanic.

MYTH No.4: Dealerships Want to Take Advantage

Dealers, of course, want to make money. However, if they sell you a car you can’t afford, it will only result in unpaid debt and dissatisfied customers.

Without putting you in unmanageable debt, a responsible car dealer will assist you in acquiring the car of your dreams. They will evaluate your income and expenses and offer financing options rather than asking for cash upfront. You will end up with a vehicle that is appropriate for your financial situation as long as you have a clear understanding of your budget and take the time to investigate your options. You can rely on Robins automotive store to provide you with a wide range of new and pre-owned vehicles that you can look through on our site.

MYTH No.5: Pre-owned Vehicles Require More Fuel

This assertion could not be further from the truth that used vehicle use too much fuel. The model of the car you drive, and its engine influence how much gas it uses. Pick a car with good gas mileage and check the engine thoroughly to ensure it isn’t broken.

If a car is not properly serviced, it will also use more fuel, so service it frequently. Ensure your tires are always in top working order and the engine oil is changed as needed.

MYTH No.6: Monthly Payments Determine Your Affordability

When deciding whether to buy a car or not, most buyers place more emphasis on the monthly payments than on the actual price. This myth results from a vehicle that exceeds a buyer’s budget. The interest that some dealerships charge for financing adds to the cost of the car.

The total amount you pay in interest will be higher if you spread your repayments over a more extended period. A loan will hold you back for longer. Additionally, you might avoid purchasing used cars due to this poor decision.

MYTH No.7: The Resale Value Of A Used Car Is Quite Low

If you think that used cars have low resale value, it’s not true. The reality is that buying a used car will help you save money on depreciation.

Understanding the value of your used car can help you get more use out of it because sales are all about supply and demand. As a result of rising gas prices and increasing environmental awareness, hybrid and electric vehicles, for instance, are gaining popularity.

People sell their cars for various reasons, and by trading in their vehicle, while it has relatively few miles on it, many want to maximize their resale value.

To Wrap It Up

To conclude, used cars have a lot of benefits. Don’t let common misconceptions keep you from taking the best course of action for yourself. You can shop confidently as long as you deal with reputable car dealerships like Robins Ford. We are your best Costa Mesa Ford dealership helping you with certified used cars and new cars.

Contact us to have affordability at your fingertips; with a lot to choose from, you will be driving with style—no need to wait for the time you can afford a new vehicle. Find your dream car at our place, come for a test drive and drive like a boss.