The F-150: Ford’s Safest Luxurious F-series Pickup Trucks

We want all car owners to have a sense of security while driving, and the only way to achieve that is by owning one of the best cars on the market. Ford has long been known for their production of high-quality vehicles, comfort levels, and safety features; thus making it popular among demanding individuals like yourself. The Ford F-150 pickup truck is not only safe but also promises a comfortable ride.

We are talking about a powerful, robust vehicle manufactured under the highest quality standards that satisfy your needs. All models of the F-150 pickup truck are safe, and NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) in the United States has recognized this.

Considering getting a Ford in Costa Mesa? Great! But before you become its owner, it’s beneficial to understand more about the car. In this blog, leading Ford dealer Robins Ford in Costa Mesa goes over exciting features of the luxurious model that will make you love it even more. Keep reading and enjoy a safe and comfortable drive with your new favorite car – the Ford F-150.

Overview Of The F-150 Series

The Ford F-150 is one of the most powerful pickup models you can find in Costa Mesa. These pickups have innovative tech features that give drivers access to industry-leading towing and payload capability. The Ford F-150 is considered a lightweight, full-sized, and half-ton go-getter truck. The models of F-150 pickup trucks generally have about a 1,000-pound payload capacity. This capacity gradually increases according to the model, like F-250, F-350, F-450, and engine options.

 This agency is in charge of reducing car accidents and saving lives on land routes. The NCAP, a safety-labeling program through which they award assign stars based on the performance of cars in crash tests is run by this organization. To put it another way, the Ford F-150 pickup scored highly.

You will be beyond satisfied if you purchase the 2018 F-150 Super Crew model at Ford in Costa Mesa; not only is it luxurious, but this pickup also boasts a 5-star safety rating.

Key Features Of F-150 Pickup Trucks

When you think “pickup truck”, the one that suddenly comes to mind is the Ford F-150. Surely, you want to avoid hurdles on the road when driving, and the Ford F-150 pickup is the perfect vehicle for a safe journey. All models, including F-150 XL (2022), F-150 XLT (2022), F-150 Tremor (2022), F-150 Raptor (2022), and F-150 Platinum (2022), have technological features, like anti-collision assistant and new lane keeping system. Because of all these features, these models are in high demand. Ford offers an entry-level XL model with all key features if you are interested in a work truck. The spunky Tremor model is perfect for those who want to venture into the wilderness. The upscale Platinum and Limited trims are ideal for people who want a more urban and luxurious style with darker tones, brushed metal, and a bit less flash all around.

Do you want to know the features that will take care of your safe and comfortable driving? Keep reading and get ready to travel with peace of mind.

Pre-Collision Assist

The Ford F-150 models have a security system to protect all its crew and pedestrians. This is the pre-collision assistant with the automatic emergency braking system.

The Ford F-150 scans the road in its front area to avoid collisions. In case of detecting a vehicle, a pedestrian, or any imminent impact, it activates the brakes automatically.

Lane-Keeping System

Ford designs the F-150 models to ensure the safety of drivers. One of the safety aspects Ford keeps in mind is taking care of yourself if you leave the lane. How is this possible?

If you get too close to the marked road, the system emits vibration in the steering wheel or the sensation of twisting. In addition, your F-150 pickup also has a 360° camera, viewing everything on the center console screen.

You have a vision of four fully functional cameras, one under each side mirror, one front, and one rear. These models have everything to always keep you safe and risk-free on the road.

Active Park Assist

You already know the high level of safety that the Ford F-150 provides, but there is even more for you. We are talking about the new Active Parking Assist feature.

This feature is a cutting-edge technology system that allows the driver to park easily in parallel. Sensors identify available parking spaces; you simply need to let go of the steering wheel.

When shifting into reverse, this system guides the truck to the right place while you accelerate or brake.

Powerful Engine

Having an EcoBoost engine is another feature in Ford F-150 models. The engine boosts the performance of these pickups. The best aspects of this engine are that it is more fuel-efficient and produces less emissions. It is more powerful than other engine options.

Some models of Ford F-150 pickup have a powerful 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine and a Start-Stop system. All EcoBoost engines are equipped with direct-injection fuel systems that reduce the need for additional cylinders and increase fuel economy.

Final Words

The Ford F-150 is the perfect truck for anyone who wants a combination of organization and maximum efficiency. In addition to an impressive engine, high performance, and robust interior and exterior, the F-150 also comes with smart features like parking sensors and absolute security to help you avoid accidents. And if an accident does happen, you’ll be well protected thanks to the front and rear suspension as well as 10-speed automatic transmission.

Feel free to contact Robins Ford, your Ford F-series dealer near Costa Mesa, and get professional advice on choosing a powerful pickup. Not only do we offer you the best plans customized to fit your budget, but also the reliable service and cars. If you’re interested in other Ford models outside of our selection, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We would love to help get you into a new car, van, wagon or truck today.